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Philip Aitcheson
With a 20.00 gain, do I sell, or keep?
Scoob Doo
nigga im lost
Mark London
... and the energy rush -:) - ASCA
Mark London
Time to take a little off the table folks with most of your winners. Get ready for the gold rush. - ASCA
Nicole Pollard
OH NO! IWho could haveseen thiscoming? - AMZN

Stock Picks by Members

stock pick type Apple iPhone 6 Release Means Profits/ Stock Go UP
Posted 19 days ago on 9/10/14 by Jason Mueller
stock pick type Multiply this stock by 5 in the next month
Posted 67 days ago on 7/24/14 by Dane Johansen
stock pick type From $14.60 to $43.59 in three years on 8/27/2017
Posted 31 days ago on 8/29/14 by Joshua Harris

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