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S&P 500
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S&P 500 $1,982.77 -$11.52 (-0.58%)

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Andrew Dykema
how do i claimm my money i get??? it says i made 90k but im getting nothing???
Jason Mueller
You're never going to get paid on the virtual account profit. Real money is thru contests. You obviously aren't that bright.
Andrew Dykema
Hey asswipe, I didnt mean real money i ment the money i earned thru stocks
Daniel Nunez
I Think I am going to wait until it hits $620-$630 margin to buy stocks. - CMG
Antonio Munive
Bulls Make Money. Bears Make Money. Pigs Get Slaughtered.

Stock Picks by Members

stock pick type Apple iPhone 6 Release Means Profits/ Stock Go UP
Posted 13 days ago on 9/10/14 by Jason Mueller
stock pick type Multiply this stock by 5 in the next month
Posted 61 days ago on 7/24/14 by Dane Johansen
stock pick type From $14.60 to $43.59 in three years on 8/27/2017
Posted 25 days ago on 8/29/14 by Joshua Harris

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