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S&P 500 NYSE
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S&P 500 $1,862.31 $19.33 (1.05%)

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Jacob Hess
So much up potential, plus in the last few days, it has a done a major triple bottom. This one will go to at least $42 in the short term - Comment
Jacob Hess
hard sell off, it's going to at least $60, may have minor pullbacks before it hits 60, but that's where it's going, if not lower. - Comment
Anicka Lewis
they are a good way for the economy to have hope. we all need a bit of that
Tim Rodemann
This is the 4th. time I've got screwed like this. They won't fix or correct it and they know you won't sue over a stupid game. Bastards! - Comment
Rambo Metcalf
No Gold, but lots of DUST for the TRASH BUCKET... - DUST

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stock pick type GMCR plants align
Posted 69 days ago on 2/06/14 by m_abh2006
stock pick type Price Floor Hit
Posted 35 days ago on 3/12/14 by Morgan Munizza

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