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S&P 500 $1,969.96 -$8.38 (-0.42%)

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Christopher Cea
Well updown wont fix the split issue. so im done with uptown. its been fun
Rambo Metcalf
Down over $100,000 dollars in three hours so far today. Should take 10 more days to be at zero.
Rambo Metcalf
Bad day to place a buy of 125,000 shares of a stock that has losses of near $1.00 a share today. I took the gamble and loss today.
Andie Go giap
Julys Summer bullies are anything and for 2x leverages where cost of living structures can be handsomely compensated with REM MORT MORL FAS - Comment
Curtis Glen
OOPS 6 weeks ago - CP

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Posted 3 days ago on 7/24/14 by Dane Johansen

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