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Facebook Sheds Nearly $7 In 2 Days

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) shares are trading lower by $3.56 at $108.53 in Monday's session. It has fallen nearly $7 from Thursday's close ($115.08) to its current level. It's now nearly $13 off its all-time high that was made on May 11 at $121.08. Read More

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Roman Pride
so far so good; trade 3: buy 14.3, stop 14, target 14.9. I doubt will hit.. trade 4: refill 25% of position @ 14.6. gap monday?! - TWTR
Roman Pride
didn't get to post yesterday. up 8.5%, based on risk aversion one could take some profits and move stop to 14 or BE but a long way to go(22)
Roman Pride
Close 25% of position at 16.05

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stock pick type NSR got from $25.16 to $38.27 in 3 years time
Posted 74 days ago on 4/14/16 by Joshua Harris

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