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K Kraus
I fail to see why it takes 7 minutes to execute a trade of 700 shares of NFLX. When 40K traded in the first two minutes after the trade.
Roman Pride
the 2nd trade did not get filled; we touched 14 friday but not 13.95. on the 1st trade we bounced up nicely today so we're in the green - TWTR
Jacquelyn Collins
I don't know much. But I know markets are company's and how they are growing in days to come.
Roman Pride
please ask questions or post stocks you are interested in; this way you can be sure portfolio's performance is evaluated live so to speak

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stock pick type NSR got from $25.16 to $38.27 in 3 years time
Posted 71 days ago on 4/14/16 by Joshua Harris

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