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Stock Pick by Mark Ryan

F: Buy in large soon, ride the upside then diversify.

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Posted 3138 days ago on 12/16/08

F will go UP
$5.00 on 3/16/09
$11.71 (274.12% from time of market call)

Ford is in the best position of the Big 3, according to the UAW, the Big 3, and Congress. The Fed showed us today that they are willing to do anything and everything to make sure we come out of this recession. I bought Ford back in November because the Big 3 were having difficulties. Car manufacturers still have too large of a stake in our total economy for Congress to let them fail. Ford has great models available today, from the Escape Hybrid, to the iconic Mustang. They have good crossover vehicles and the Focus gets good gas mileage. Ford is not asking for a handout. They are just asking for the ability to borrow money at some time in the future if it becomes necessary. They are obviously experiencing trouble selling vehicles in this climate. However, with the recent rate cut, making the rate somewhere between 0% and .25%, banks should be more willing to lend, and that opens up the door for sales. The cuts will allow consumers access to cash, and I believe that instead of using this money to test the housing market, most consumers will be more willing to spend at the dealerships. Knowing that Ford is in the best situation of the Big 3, consumers would probably be more likely to trust the company in the long-run, especially if Congress dawdles anymore over an inevitable decision. I would buy Ford, make it a significant part of your portfolio, even at the cost of losing diversity. Ride Ford until it reaches $5.00 a share, then reduce your shares to a more responsible level and diversify, holding onto Ford because it should stabilize above $5.00, maybe reaching the $6.00 range in the first half of 2009.

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Posted 12/30/2008, 4:56 pm

If your going to invest in an american automobile company you may aswell invest in american real estate and american banks, Which is why i have invested in all three industrys! Theyre all down and sure to rise in huge numbers, wether it be next week or next year, patience is the key.

Posted 12/23/2008, 9:08 pm

It sounds good to me. I have been in out of it several times. I missed at a buck but that's life.

Posted 12/19/2008, 4:02 pm

It is a lottery ticket. Any bailout could be dilutive you're a fool.

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