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Start trading JACK with real money!

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Posted 1562 days ago on 3/14/13

JACK will go UP
$44.00 on 3/14/14
$101.45 (198.65% from time of market call)

JACK has a growing share of the fast food market because the consumers get can get it their way or Jack's way. JACK IN THE BOX refreshes their menu with new food items along with keeping the ones you like so the consumers keep coming back to eat at the place that cares what and how you want to eat. This is one of the main reason JACK has a larger share of the food market each year. Because of the great food and the market plan JACK IN THE BOX has for the market they are in its a, (BUY JACK and HOLD In 2013)

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Posted 1/2/2015, 2:33 pm

658 days ago I told you to buy and hold (JACK) because it was going much higher and would reach $44. by 3/14/14 and it did reach my goal price and it has still kept going up in value, so far by 134.27% as of today, 1/2/15, share price, ($79.58) Not a bad return on your investment.
Later today I will be updating my new investment comments on this stock.

Posted 5/15/2013, 6:48 pm

JACK. - Still a buy and hold. It is now time to buy all of the stock that you can, without putting all of your eggs in the same basket. Your soft drink companies go great with JACK. ( CCE, KO, SEP, AND PEP If you have extra cash.) COKE is good, but I feel that the 1st. Three are your best buy.

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