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BQI: Why not?

Start trading BQI with real money!

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Posted 3454 days ago on 1/12/08

BQI will go UP
$21.00 on 1/12/08
$0.57 (-87.69% from time of market call)
$3.36 (-27.43%)
on 2/01/08

This company has a ton of unexplored land in Saskatchewan and Alberta. They greatly benefit from the land in Saskatchewan because Alberta recently hiked up oil royalties. Oilsands Quest already discovered 1.5b of oil, which promises a support of at least $4 a share. The addition of this stock to your portfolio almost adds no risk, yet offers a ton of potential considering the oil potential in their large sum of land. Oilsands Quest estimates 10b of oil on their land. If they are able to produce this oil, you are looking at a stock that will easily break $20 a share. You cannot go wrong with this stock, and with their experienced management, this makes an excellent low risk investment.

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Posted 1/12/2008, 9:28 pm

I do not recommend paying any more than $5 for this stock for the time being. Wait and try to get in the low 4s.

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