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Henk De bruijne's Activity

Henk De bruijne
May 29 3:49 PM
MFA <-- Buy and hold
Roman Pride
May 29 4:22 PM
Buy and hold - the ancient, long-dead strategy..
Henk De bruijne
May 30 9:20 AM
not a dead strategy when you have a nice up trend plus it's paying dividend yield of 12.29% and is about to pay their quarterly dividend
Henk De bruijne
May 21 11:38 AM
Aparantly no-one knew what they were talking about. I believe ZNGA is going to stay down for the time being yet I'm buying - Comment
Nick Stephens
Aug 04 1:12 AM
Yes you are right bc enployment hit 8.3 I think we need 300k just economy to grow once that's growing I believe zynga


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stock pick type NTAP: Buy Buy Buy
Posted 797 days ago on 5/24/12
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Posted 798 days ago on 5/23/12
stock pick type YHOO: Moving averages short term positive
Posted 799 days ago on 5/22/12

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