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Mehrotra Lko
Feb 20 9:01 AM
This is the stock to watch out for, very strong upmove and has made a new high recently.Ready for a 7-10% move. Fresh trader can buy @ $475 - BIDU
Mehrotra Lko
Feb 20 8:58 AM
It is stucked in a price range of 5$ since last 10 trading sessions. Breakout on either side wud give a potential trading opportunity. - AMZN
Mehrotra Lko
Feb 20 8:55 AM
Very bullish pattern. It can touch $78-80 within next week. I have also taken a position in this stock. Limited downside due to MAs support - BBRY
Mehrotra Lko
Feb 20 8:52 AM
Technically speaking, google is ready for a breaout on weekly charts as the price pattern is making an ascending triangle which is a sign of - GOOGL
Pawel Kierys
Mar 04 12:29 PM
Technical analysis is useless, keep using it and you'll be broke
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