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stock pick type AAPL: Apple up, up, up!
Posted 8 days ago on 9/21/16 by Ruby Wu

The stock will soon rise.

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stock pick type WDR: WDR goes to $27.79 on 9/15/2019
Posted 13 days ago on 9/16/16 by Joshua Harris

My #1 Margin of Safety / Value Investing / Ben Graham style stock pick on 9/15/2016 is Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. with the ticker "WDR" which trades on the NYSE. It's a US based company in the financial...

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stock pick type GOLD: Asd
Posted 20 days ago on 9/08/16 by Gael Torres


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stock pick type FB: Instagram beats out Snapchat
Posted 23 days ago on 9/06/16 by Skyler Mandel

I believe Facebook will increase in value because Instagram stories will take away followers from Snapchat. Instagram already has a bigger audience than Snapchat and now allows users to use all the same...

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stock pick type FB: ya..
Posted 24 days ago on 9/05/16 by Talapaka Raju


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