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stock pick type MEI: MEI will trade to an adjusted $115.08 on 6/18/2018
Posted 16 days ago on 6/18/15 by Joshua Harris

MEI will trade to an adjusted $115.08 on 6/18/2018. On 6/18/2015 I have found Methode Electronics, Inc. "MEI" on the NYSE to be the #1 small cap, low P/E stock. The company has a 5 Year CAGR of 38.22%...

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stock pick type IYT: Transport's Reaching Capitulation - Time To Buy
Posted 38 days ago on 5/28/15 by Emo Acuna

Looking at the 15OCT14 / 1DEC14 Fib chart, the price action reaching the 61.8 Fib retracement (147.98). The 20OCT14 open gap bases at 146.73. The final entry point I see is the 142 capitulation point in...

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stock pick type TWC: TWC bought by CHTR
Posted 40 days ago on 5/26/15 by Robert Reital

Time warner cable is being bought out by charter communications and thus their stock will be going up for a little while before plummeting after the buy. Buy while you can then sell right before the purchase....

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stock pick type STAR: Creeping
Posted 40 days ago on 5/26/15 by Peter Van de beek

P/E ratio on point-see that long term creep

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stock pick type AA: hacked user for being fu:cking spammer
Posted 45 days ago on 5/21/15 by Jonathankirk Thespammerhacked

Why u been hacked? cause you was found in a server wich is dedicate to games and bets online wich are huge bunch of spammers. Then, why you? Millions of people are suffering under poverty and misery...

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