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stock pick type DYN: Mixed Coal an Gas future
Posted 1 days ago on 2/18/17 by Frank Chary

The natural gas part will do well but I'm not sure about the coal. A stiff carbon tax could hurt this company in the future. But a short term increase may happen in a record high post Trump election....

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stock pick type AFSI: AFSI trades to an adj. $37.22 buy 2/15/2020
Posted 3 days ago on 2/15/17 by Joshua Harris

My # 1 Ben Graham/Warren Buffett value investing style pick on 2/15/2017 is AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. which trades on the NASDAQ with the ticker "AFSI". AmTrust is an NYC based property and casualty...

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stock pick type UA: UA overpriced
Posted 15 days ago on 2/04/17 by Frank Chary

P/E ratio in 40+ range. Overpriced. $ amts. not lading in company info! Look at 5 yr chart not just 6 months.

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stock pick type NDM: Get on the NDM train NOW!
Posted 15 days ago on 2/04/17 by noahnattin2

stop reading this. just go buy NDM. you're wasting time. NOW! Limit buy set @ 3.33

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stock pick type CENX: Basic Materials
Posted 31 days ago on 1/19/17 by Greg Connell

Basic Materials in uptrend

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