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stock pick type BWLD: Football equals big $$$$ for businesses like this
Posted 0 days ago on 7/28/14 by Will Taylor

Owned since 2008 and always performs this way.

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stock pick type YELP: Goes up
Posted 1 days ago on 7/27/14 by Rajendra Thammineni

I believe this is going to increase

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stock pick type VZ: VZ
Posted 3 days ago on 7/25/14 by Gauner69

So far iam doing good with VZ can't complain !

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stock pick type SNBC: Multiply this stock by 5 in the next month
Posted 4 days ago on 7/24/14 by Dane Johansen

I'm a cheater. This game has an error. SNBC is about to do a reverse stock split at 5:1. Normally that means your per share value would be multiplied by 5 and your number of shares would be divided by...

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stock pick type GES: Trending Up
Posted 20 days ago on 7/08/14 by L.k. Cruz p.

Looks by the chart to be heading in an up trend, As their denim sales take off in the future. IMO being a fashion designer the whole country is tight on money so fast fashion sales might die down as people...

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