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stock pick type LPLA: Profit off of increasing excitement in the markets
Posted 0 days ago on 5/25/17 by Jason Brevard

Prior to 2016, (LPLA) experienced a relative triple top formation. Triple tops are very bearish signals when it comes to technical analysis. Following this triple top, the stock lost more than 66.7% of...

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stock pick type GNC: GNC Undervalued
Posted 9 days ago on 5/16/17 by Joe Johnson

Can't keep a good man down...er Stock. GNC is trading at near 52wk lows. Its been hovering around $7 a share for months with a small spike to $9 for a few days. Look for a rebound in the upcoming quarters...

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stock pick type SYNA: SYNA trades to an adj. price of $85.50 by 5/20/202
Posted 9 days ago on 5/16/17 by Joshua Harris

On 5/16/2017 my #1 Buffett style value investing pick is Synaptics Incorporated (SYNA) on the NASD. It is in the Technology sector and the application software industry and is located in the USA. They...

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stock pick type NFLX: taking a gamble
Posted 13 days ago on 5/12/17 by Rhonda Mcmullin

has increased within the last month. I see more to come

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stock pick type PTIE: Sell now!!!
Posted 15 days ago on 5/11/17 by James Stewart

Sell now!!! Or lose what you got!!! $7 max

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