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stock pick type LCI: LCI trades from $48.57 to an adjusted $216.72
Posted 12 days ago on 8/21/15 by Joshua Harris

As of 8/21/2015 Lannet Company Inc., which trades with the ticker "LCI" on the NASD is the #1 small cap GARP or growth at a reasonable price stock with a P/E below 15. LCI is in the health care sector...

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stock pick type WHR: WHR
Posted 26 days ago on 8/08/15 by Justin Zannotti


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stock pick type GOOGL: google cannot predict the everday value but can up
Posted 27 days ago on 8/07/15 by Angelo Santiago

people look to everyday of communications and informations..google can make it to the highest staged...

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stock pick type MA: I'd Expect over 100
Posted 29 days ago on 8/04/15 by Raymond Dobos

MasterCard is headed for a jump up with the holidays approaching the credit core companys will seek solitude with Holiday shoppers

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stock pick type HYG: just wait to ups..
Posted 31 days ago on 8/03/15 by Angelo Santiago

its will ups..

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