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Student Investment Club Benefits

Create An Online Hub For Your Club

Your Investment club can manage a portfolio together and vote on crucial trades.

Manage a single portfolio as a group.

You can also easily make announcements to your members, poll them about crucial trades, and hold group discussions on UpDown.com

Host Online Investment Contests for your Club and Campus

Take advantage of UpDown.com's realistic portfolio simulation to encourage healthy competition among your members.

Compete with each member of your group by each managing your own portoflio.

Create buzz on your campus about your club and investing in general by hosting a contest for everyone at your school.

Join a Contest

Obtain Club Sponsorship from UpDown.com and its Affiliates

Apply for funding from UpDown.com and even be considered for a career prize from 6S Capital, a Swiss based hedge fund company.

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What is UpDown?

What is UpDown

Manage a $1 Million Virtual Portfolio

Jump in the driver's seat and practice investing U.S. stocks without risk.

Collaborate & Compete

Create a group or start a fantasy investing contest with your friends.

Practice and improve your skills

Practice your investment skills without the risk of losing money.

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