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stock pick type NFLX: Life ruined by Nutlfix Dont buy dat SH#T
Posted 445 days ago on 1/06/16 by changofchina

this stock is t triple trash. I highly recommend you do not buy these stocks. They will destroy everything you hold dear and more. I once had a job and a loving family, now I live in a box and eat leftover...

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stock pick type NSR: NSR got from $25.16 to $38.27 in 3 years time
Posted 345 days ago on 4/14/16 by Joshua Harris

As of 4/14/2016 my #1 Margin of Safety Value Company Pick is NeuStar, Inc. (NSR) which trades on the NYSE. At a market cap of $1.33 billion, it is a small cap company. It's in the technology sector,...

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stock pick type PDLI: PDLI trades to 4.27 in 3 years time on 8.15.2019
Posted 222 days ago on 8/15/16 by Joshua Harris

My numbe 1 Margin of Safety and or Ben Graham stock pick on 8.15.2016 is PDL BioPharma, Inc. with the ticker PDLI which trades on the NASD. It is a US based company in the healthcare sector and the biotechnology...

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stock pick type LCI: LCI trades from $48.57 to an adjusted $216.72
Posted 582 days ago on 8/21/15 by Joshua Harris

As of 8/21/2015 Lannet Company Inc., which trades with the ticker "LCI" on the NASD is the #1 small cap GARP or growth at a reasonable price stock with a P/E below 15. LCI is in the health care sector...

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stock pick type SPTN: Sparta
Posted 706 days ago on 4/20/15 by Gesty mcdowell Arithoppah

With these free games in place, it's now easier than ever to refer friends to Gold Streak. Let them know what your longest streak is and challenge them to try to beat you pointing out of course that it's...

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