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stock pick type NFLX: Life ruined by Nutlfix Dont buy dat SH#T
Posted 410 days ago on 1/06/16 by changofchina

this stock is t triple trash. I highly recommend you do not buy these stocks. They will destroy everything you hold dear and more. I once had a job and a loving family, now I live in a box and eat leftover...

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stock pick type NSR: NSR got from $25.16 to $38.27 in 3 years time
Posted 311 days ago on 4/14/16 by Joshua Harris

As of 4/14/2016 my #1 Margin of Safety Value Company Pick is NeuStar, Inc. (NSR) which trades on the NYSE. At a market cap of $1.33 billion, it is a small cap company. It's in the technology sector,...

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stock pick type PDLI: PDLI trades to 4.27 in 3 years time on 8.15.2019
Posted 187 days ago on 8/15/16 by Joshua Harris

My numbe 1 Margin of Safety and or Ben Graham stock pick on 8.15.2016 is PDL BioPharma, Inc. with the ticker PDLI which trades on the NASD. It is a US based company in the healthcare sector and the biotechnology...

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stock pick type LCI: LCI trades from $48.57 to an adjusted $216.72
Posted 547 days ago on 8/21/15 by Joshua Harris

As of 8/21/2015 Lannet Company Inc., which trades with the ticker "LCI" on the NASD is the #1 small cap GARP or growth at a reasonable price stock with a P/E below 15. LCI is in the health care sector...

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stock pick type MEOH: MEOH trades to an adjusted $90.11 on 2/24/2018
Posted 725 days ago on 2/24/15 by Joshua Harris

Although I consider the stock market overvalued at this time (on 2/24/2015) based on the current CAPE ratio and Buffet ratio there are still a couple diamonds in the rough when it comes to stock picking....

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